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Here at Beach Elementary, we implement Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) on a daily basis to support students’ behavioral, academic, social, emotional and mental health. Our hope is that our PBIS program will improve our students’ social emotional competence, academic success and school climate. In addition, this helps to improve teacher health and wellbeing by creating positive, predictable, equitable and safe learning environments where everyone thrives. Our program is guided and implemented by a staff led PBIS team that meets once a month to check the effectiveness of our practices and use data to identify strengths, uncover needs and monitor student progress.

Program Contact

Elizabeth Conley

Beach Bravos & Woot Woot Cart

The biggest part of our PBIS program is our Beach Bravos. This is our form of school currency that students can earn from any staff member in the building by following our school motto/rules: S.O.A.R (safety, ownership acceptance and respect). After they have accumulated enough Bravos, they can spend them at the Woot Woot Cart on the last Wednesday of the month. The cart includes toys, puzzles, and school supplies as well as a variety of services such as a homework pass, wear slippers to school for a day, check out an extra library book, be PE assistant, etc. (all items subject to availability). Students who earn bravos also get their name added to a drawing on Hump Day with Mrs. Humphreys, for which they get to choose a prize from the Hump Day Basket.

Stellar Seagulls

Each month, every classroom teacher has the opportunity to select two or more Stellar Seagulls that have displayed the Stellar Seagull Trait of the Month. Students chosen will be given a certificate, have their picture posted in the hallways, and have their name announced on WBES to commend them for displaying the trait of the month.




















Winter and Valentine’s Candy Grams — In order to support our program, we do 2 fundraisers every year. Students have the opportunity to send Candy Grams in both December and February to any classmate, student or staff member at Beach Elementary for $1 each. This not only supplies funds for us to continue our program, but it also provides students with an opportunity to spread joy and support our school climate and sense of family.


Another goal of PBIS is to include families and community members to co-create culturally responsive practices and support our program. If you are a parent or community member and would like to make a donation or know more about how you can help, email our PBIS Team Coach, Elizabeth Conley.